As an offshoot of Internews Network project in Cambodia, CIMS was founded as an independent media training and media professionalism NGO and was officially registered with the Cambodia Ministry of Interior in June 2008.

Its staff includes the five former staff members of the Internews Network Cambodia’s three year investigative journalism training project, which ended September 2008.

CIMS mission is to give professional training to Cambodian media professionals and to promote free media and freedom of expression in the Kingdom of Cambodia. This includes:

  • Training Cambodian journalists in professional journalism skills
  • Training and mentoring journalists in their pursue of in-depth, investigative story reporting
  • Providing online journalism training for Cambodian journalists
  • Conducting thematic workshops on various issues to help journalists gain a deeper understanding that will enrich their reporting and commentary
  • Producing a Cambodian Journalism Review that will report on and analyze issues relevant to the media and the public, including ethics, professionalism and media law
  • Protecting the rights to freedom of the press, speech or expression and publishing
  • Using new media tools to develop a new communications network to ensure information is spread to grassroots levels
  • Encouraging and supporting other activities to develop and improve media professionalism
  • To be a media resource center for journalists and the public to research information and study about media
  • To increase access to information