Chairman of the Board (Interim): Eric Johnson, director of Internews International, Paris, and specialist in new media, senior advisor, Project Sesawe, France (US-Global Nomad)

Board member: Sek Barisoth, Director of the Media Program of PACT Cambodia. Barisoth was formerly director of Cambodia Communications Institute (1994-2002) and a foreign news writer at Khmer News Agency.

Board member / international journalism advisor: Susan Postlewaite, MBA. Postlewaite is a journalist, former journalism professor at American University in Cairo and American University in Bulgaria, and a Knight International Press Fellow (2004-India)

Board member: Long Panhavuth, lawyer, Project Officer for Cambodia Justice Initiative monitoring the Khmer Rouge Tribunal. This is a project of the NY based Open Society Justice Initiative.

Board member: Pa Nguon Tieng, Director of Cambodian Center for Independent Media, and Director of Voice of Democracy Radio.

Board member: Yim Nimola, Cambodian novelist and director of Khmer Women’s Voice Center, which publishes a news magazine on women and children’s issues.